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Orthopedic instrumentation and implants manufactured to exacting needs.

MedTorque’s broad, accomplished background in manufacturing instruments and implants for the orthopedic industry is unparalleled.  We excel in making the complex simple by leveraging our comprehensive internal capabilities and expertise.  Whether it’s a device made to your prints and specifications or one of our many standard products, we strive to meet your satisfaction.

Contract Manufactured Products

MedTorque multi-process complex instruments

Multi-Process Complex Instruments

MedTorque multi-component complex instruments

Multi-Component Complex Instruments

MedTorque shafted instruments

Shafted Instruments

MedTorque Implant Instruments


MedTorque’s Standard Product Portfolio

MedTorque Instruments handles


MedTorque Instruments fixed drivers

Fixed Drivers

MedTorque Instruments ratcheting drivers

Ratcheting Drivers

MedTorque Instruments spinal

Spinal Instruments

MedTorque Instruments single procedure

Single-Procedure Instruments

MedTorque Instruments torque limiting drivers

Torque-Limiting Drivers

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