ARCH-MedTorque is a world-class manufacturer of orthopedic instruments and implants with locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. We design, engineer and manufacture our own line of orthopedic instruments as well as surgical instrumentation and implants for the world’s leading orthopedic medical device OEMs.

We understand our customers and innovate with experience to create high quality, precision instruments for the orthopedic industry.

Our design, engineering and complex assembly skills also provide an opportunity for product designers to partner with us to manufacture exceptional products. We can make your product better through our expertise.

We measure our success by contributing good ideas in support of our customers. Our customer partnerships drive innovation and product launch success.

MedTorque Instruments


Orthopedic instrumentation and implants designed and manufactured to exciting standards.

MedTorque Design


Expertise in product development that creates exciting innovations.

MedTorque Engineering


Consultative approach that drives cost effective, high quality products.

MedTorque Assembly Link


Manufacturing that makes all the pieces fit together, regardless of complexity.

MedTorque Service


Count on ARCH-MedTorque to support you through every phase of your products' lifecycle.

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