We have IDEAS. What Does That Mean?​

At MedTorque, our path to becoming an industry leader in the manufacture of innovative orthopedic instruments and spinal implants for medical device OEMs was blazed by our dedication to providing custom engineered solutions to customers. Our reputation is known worldwide for our standard line of silicone handled instruments and expertise in manufacturing instruments for navigated and robotically assisted surgery. In addition to these, we pride ourselves in the many other types of instrument designs we’ve produced for our customers to drive their businesses further.

MedTorque has become the first choice of many of our customers when they have a need for a complex instrument, custom instrument attached to one of our silicone handles, or a standard MedTorque product. Their familiarity with our capabilities and offering makes their decision to collaborate an easy one. However, if this is your first time visiting our website or you’re interested in learning more about us, we’d like to introduce you to a concept we hold near and dear to our heart: IDEAS.

What is this concept and how does it ensure you a top-quality medical device? We’ll break down what we do, how we do it and what IDEAS means below. In the meantime, if you’d like to speak to one of our sales reps about your needs, contact us today. 

What We Do at MedTorque to be a Manufacturing Partner to Orthopedic and Spinal OEMs  

Let’s take a moment just to review just what we do. MedTorque is a trusted manufacturing partner to countless medical device OEMs that focus on orthopedic and spinal treatments. Our experience and capabilities in design, engineering, and complex assembly skills places MedTorque in a unique position to provide an opportunity for product designers to partner with us to create exceptional products in the following markets: 

·         Spinal Fusion and Spinal Arthroplasty 

·         Upper & Lower Extremities 

·         Large Joint Reconstruction 

·         Trauma

·         Robotic Surgery 

We measure our success by contributing innovative ideas to support our customers. Cultivating positive customer partnerships drives our passion to excel, which helps move the industry forward. Our team approach allows us to employ expertise from many diverse levels within the organization, ultimately resulting in efficient results. 

IDEAS with MedTorque  

At MedTorque, ideas embody more than just brainstorming another concept or keeping up with industry trends. We are a company driven by progress and dedicated to being the leader in manufacturing products for the spine and orthopedic markets. For us, IDEAS encompasses our strategy and approach to everything we undertake, whether it is our own products or those we develop with our medical device OEM partners. MedTorque is driven to improve your products through our expertise. 


MedTorque specializes in manufacturing orthopedic and spine instruments and implants to meet the exacting needs of every customer. These include multi-process complex instruments, multi-component complex instruments, shafted instruments, and implants. 


We have a team of industry-leading, highly experienced engineers ready to jump in and get to work on your custom-designed instruments. From concept sketches to 3D modeling or fully functional prototypes, there is no limit to how we can assist you. 


We embrace a consultative approach, focused on developing cost-effective, high-quality products. Our engineering and manufacturing experts are readily available to provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) guidance. 


MedTorque goes beyond just the machining of components; we manage the entire vertical stream of instrument manufacture. Our highly skilled team focuses on the craftsmanship required to ensure complex orthopedic instruments go together as intended and perform beyond expectations.


MedTorque is here to support you through every stage of the orthopedic manufacturing process. We become part of your team for the lifecycle of your product and consistently strive to meet lead times and on-time delivery to your needs, every time. Our transparent communication coupled with our friendly customer service and sales team creates a customer-centric focus that provides you the support you deserve. We will go above and beyond what is expected to make your project and ideas a reality.

MedTorque takes a strategic, holistic approach, looking at the entire picture of what our customers want and need from their orthopedic manufacturing partner. We take the concept of partnership seriously, and successful outcomes for our clients are our number one goal. Every level of our manufacturing process encompasses the idea of working in partnership with our customers. 

Manufacturing Capabilities  

We manage the entire vertical stream of manufacturing your products. Our manufacturing capabilities include primary machining operations and an extensive list of in-house secondary manufacturing operations. 

Primary Machining Operations:  

·         CNC Swiss Tuning 

·         CNC Milling (Up to 5 axis) 

·         CNC Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) 

Secondary Manufacturing Operations:  

·         CNC Secondary Operations 

·         Bore Honing 

·         CNC Centerless Grinding 

·         Silicone Over Molding 

·         Welding-TIG and Laser 

·         Laser Marking 

·         Heat Treating 

·         Metal Finishing- Glass bead and Polishing 

·         Cleaning, Citric Passivation, and Electro-polishing

Staying Current in a Constantly Changing Climate  

Our team consistently evaluates what it means to be the industry leading manufacturing partner for medical device OEMs. This includes investment in talent and capabilities for highly precise and tightly toleranced instruments. As the orthopedic industry moves forward, manufacturing partners must adapt. Our diversity of manufacturing options means we can meet each of our customers’ unique needs. We challenge and dissect designs, develop solutions as needed, and streamline the process to optimize results. With the large-scale manufacturing capabilities MedTorque possesses, our resources are your resources. 

Partner With MedTorque  

MedTorque aims to form partnerships with orthopedic and spine OEMs to continue to drive the industry forward, set the standard of excellence, and provide the best possible outcomes for customers. Our goal is to manufacture products that will exceed expectations, provide better outcomes, and help you become a leader in the industry. 

Contact us to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities and how MedTorque can work with making custom, precision instruments, and implants to meet your orthopedic needs.

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