MedTorque Single Procedure Torque Limiting Driver

MedTorque Introduces Family of Single-Procedure Torque-Limiting Drivers

June 11, 2018 Elmhurst, IL – MedTorque, Inc., a leading supplier to orthopedic and spine OEMs for standard and custom instrumentation, announced today the introduction of their line of Single-Procedure Torque-Limiting Drivers. MedTorque’s single-procedure torque-limiting drivers are the only drivers on the market to offer TorqueShield™ as well as a ratcheting drive mechanism as standard features.

MedTorque’s Torque-Shield™ cycle count system eliminates the possibility of using the driver beyond its calibration lifecycle. “The deactivation of the drive mechanism after reaching final actuation is an innovation that is unparalleled in the industry,” stated Chad Ryshkus, Director of Marketing & Business Development for MedTorque. “With these features offered as standard options on our product, it is clear that we’ve raised the bar for single-procedure torque-limiters available to the market,” Ryshkus added.

“We have been listening to our customers over the years and have become very sensitive to their concerns surrounding calibration of torque-limiting drivers,” articulated Steve Sundberg, MedTorque CEO. “Our focus when developing our products – whether they’re single-procedure or reusable – has been to eliminate these concerns by providing solutions that perform in a predictable manner. The Torque-Shield™ feature on our single-procedure torque-limiting products, and the Torque-Certainty™ program for our reusable drivers are the solutions our customers have been wanting. We are the only source for both reusable and single-procedure torque-limiting drivers and are committed in continuing our investment in the products and technology required to maintain our leadership position.”

The single-procedure torque-limiting product covers torque values from 5 in-lbs through 120 in-lbs and come in a variety of handle styles such as Palm, Axial, Tee, and Offset Tee. AO and ¼” Square drive couplings are standard connections options. More information about the product line can be found here

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