Torque-Limiting Drivers

MedTorque Single Procedure Wrenches
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Protection from Use Beyond Calibration Lifecycle

The Torque-Shield™ cycle count system eliminates the possibility of using the driver beyonds its calibration lifecycle by deactivating the drive mechanism after its final cycle has been reached.

Ratcheting Drive Mechanism for Efficient Use

No need for an additional driver during preliminary tightening. The standard ratcheting mechanism eliminates the need to switch between a preliminary driver and a final torque-limiting driver.

MedTorque Ratcheting Drive Mechanism

Drive Direction: Torque-Limiting
Reverse Direction: Ratcheting

*Torque-Alert is only available on T-Handle and Offset T-Handle models. Torque-Shield is standard on all models.


With the largest portfolio of standard single-procedure torque-limiting instruments available, ARCH-MedTorque is the market leader who can guide you through the conversion of your reusable instruments to single procedure instruments. We are your partner whether you are looking for a single instrument or an entire kit. 

ARCH-MedTorque’s single procedure torque-limiting drivers are an optional place to start your conversion. Our standard line of torque-limiting drivers offers you the variety of handles and torque-values. Choose from an axial, palm, or tee handle configuration with torque ranges from as low as 5 in-lb and up to 125 in-lbs, we have a solution for your application.

ARCH-MedTorque’s single-procedure torque-limiting drivers are the only drivers on the market to offer Torque-Shield™ with Torque-Alert™ as well as a ratcheting mechanism as standard features.*


The Industry’s Only Torque Calibration Alert System

ARCH-MedTorque’s intuitive Torque-Alert™ provides a visual cue to the status of the driver’s calibration. As the driver approaches the limit of the calibration lifecycle the Torque-Alert™ indicator changes to yellow. Upon activation of Torque-Shield™, the indicator turns to red to show that the driver is no longer usable.

MedTorque Torque Alert Example
MedTorque OTL-250 Offset T-Handle with Window
Offset T-Handle
MedTorque 6TTM-T-111 T-Handle
MedTorque 6TTL-P Palm Handle Standing ISO
Palm Handle
MedTorque 6TTL-A Axial Handle Standing ISO
Axial Handle


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