Silicone Handle Components

Med-Torque Silicone Handle Components

Silicone Handle Components

ARCH-MedTorque Handle Offering

ARCH-MedTorque’s handles are designed to easily integrate the comfort and style of a silicone handle with the function of your specialized instrument. Specify a standard ARCH-MedTorque handle in your next project and be confident your timelines will be met with quality craftsmanship.

Select ARCH-MedTorque handles can be fitted with stainless steel caps and most come cannulated as standard.

Mold any standard ARCH-MedTorque handle in your company-specific Pantone® Matching System color.

Select styles allow you to easily add your logo via pad printing or embossing/debossing.

Selecting a Handle

Select handle images below.

MedTorque 3HJ5 Jeweler Short Handle

Short Jeweler Axial Handle

Contact MedTorque to discuss medical tool silicone handles such as the 3HJ 5 Jeweler Short handle pictured here.
MedTorque 3HJ19 Jeweler Large Handle

Long Jeweler Axial Handle

MedTorque manufactures silicone handles such as the 3HJ19 Jeweler Large handle for medical tools and devices.
MedTorque 3HM4 Petitie Axial Handle

Petite Axial Handle

If your medical tools need a silicone handle, MedTorque can help such as with this 3HM4 Petite Axial Handle.
MedTorque 3HM25 Renegade Handle

Renegade Axial Handle

The MedTorque 3HM25 Renegade Handle which we manufactured from silicone for use with medical tools.
MedTorque 3HM7 Mini Axial Handle

Mini Axial Handle

MedTorque specializes in silicone handles for medical tools such as this 3H M7 mini-axial handle, among others.
MedTorque 3HS8 Standard Axial Handle

Standard Axial Handle

MedTorque makes quality silicone handles for medical purposes, such as the 3HS 8 Standard Axial handle in the image.
MedTorque 3HS16 Slim Standard Axial Handle

Slim Standard Axial Handle

For quality silicone medical tool handles like the 3HS 16 Slim Standard Axial Handle, contact MedTorque for details.
MedTorque 3HM13 Agile Axial Mini Handle

Mini Agile™ Axial Handle

View the MedTorque 3H M13 Agile Axial Mini Handle and other silicone medical device handles we make.
MedTorque 3HL3 Agile Axial Large Handle

Large Agile™ Axial Handle

MedTorque manufactures silicone handles for medical instruments, such as the 3HL 3 Agile Axial Large Handle.
MedTorque 3HC1 Curette Axial Long Handle

Long Curette Axial Handle

Our medical tool handles are made from silicone such as this, the MedTorque 3HC1 Curette Axial Long Handle.
MedTorque 3HC7 Curette Axial Short Handle

Short Curette Axial Handle

Manufacturing silicone handles for medical tools such as this 3HC 7 Curette Axial Short handle is what MedTorque does.
MedTorque 3HA11 Bandit Axial Handle

Bandit Axial Handle

The MedTorque 3H A11 Bandit Axial Handle is just one silicone medical device handle we manufacture.
MedTorque 3HA9 Wrangler Axial Handle

Wrangle Axial Handle

View all of the MedTorque products we produce such as this 3H A9 Wrangle Axial Handle for medical devices.
MedTorque 3HA1 Triumph Axial Handle

Triumph Axial Handle

This is the MedTorque 3HA1 Triumph Axial Handle, which is a silicone handle we make for medical tools.
MedTorque 3HA5 Vanguard Axial Handle

Vanguard Axial Handle

MedTorque creates silicone handles for medical devices just like this 3H AF Vanguard Axial Handle for a device.
MedTorque 3HA6 Magnum Axial Handle

Magnum Axial Handle

The MedTorque 3HA6 Magnum Axial Handle is a medical tool handle manufactured from silicone, which is our specialty.
MedTorque 3HP2 Palm Handle

Palm Handle

Contact MedTorque, in Illinois, for silicone medical devices handles such as the 3HP 2 Palm Handle among others.
MedTorque 3HB1 Ball Handle

Ball Handle

MedTorque makes silicone medical tool handles such as this 3HB 1 Ball Handle among other silicone handles.
MedTorque 3HT12 T-Handle Small

Small T-Handle

Contact MedTorque for silicone medical tool handles such as this one, the 3HT12 T Handle size small.
MedTorque 3HT11 T-Handle Medium

Medium T-Handle

An example of a MedTorque silicone device handle is the 3HT11 T handle in medium among others for your device.
MedTorque 3HT13 T-Handle Large

Large T-Handle

MedTorque silicone handles are used on various medical tools like this handle the 3HT13 T Handle sized large.
MedTorque 3FG1 Silicone Finger Grips

Silicone Finger Grips

MedTorque silicone handles can be made for your medical tools such as this 3FG 1 Silicone Finger Grips.

Threaded Connections on Handle Components

Utilize standardized threaded geometry. Our design standards can be found on most handle component configurations. Contact your ARCH-MedTorque representative for dimensions of the mating male threaded connection

MES-015: 1/4”-20 UNC Thread

MES-016: 3/8”-16 UNC Thread

MES-017: 1/2”-20 UNC Thread

MES-018: 5/16”-24 UNC Thread

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