ARCH-MedTorque specializes in the design and manufacture of instruments for the orthopedic and spine industry.  Our product line of standard instruments is designed with quality and performance in mind.  We know our products are used in critical surgical applications where those characteristics cannot be questioned.

Our medical device OEM customers choose us because our objective as a supplier is to ensure the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  It is this goal that drives us to collaborate with our partners to design and innovate solutions that move the industry forward. 

At ARCH-MedTorque, our breadth of experience combined with talented product designers presents our customers the opportunity to achieve innovative solutions that can create better products for the orthopedic and spine industry.  This broad experience allows us to reflect on the industry as a whole and provide knowledge, insight, and methodology to that adds value to our customer-partners.  

View our product catalogs to find the pre-engineered solution.  If it is a customized solution you require, reach out to your ARCH-MedTorque representative to start the process.  Our team of experienced engineers and instrument specialists are geared towards assisting you throughout the process of customization from concept to production.

Med-Torque Silicone Handle Components

Silicone Handle Components

Choose from dozens of handle styles to add to your custom instrument design.

Med-Torque Silicone Handles Fixed Couplings Inset

Silicone Handles with Fixed Couplings

Handles with couplings fit the industry's most common configurations.

Med-Torque Spinal Instrumentation

Spinal Instrumentation

Our portfolio of standard spinal instrumentation is available for your next project.

ARCH-MedTorque is the only source for both Reusable and Single-Procedure Torque-Limiting Drivers.

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