ARCH-MedTorque is a world-class manufacturer of orthopedic instruments and implants with locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. We design, engineer, and manufacture our line of orthopedic instruments as well as surgical instrumentation and implants for the world’s leading orthopedic medical device OEMs. Our customer partnerships drive innovation and product launch success. 

The purpose of our work is to be a true partner to you and an extension of your team. This partnership allows us to be more than just a contract manufacturer, where we strive to be someone you can rely on to create your vision and the specialized instruments you need. By instilling a spirit of collaboration, you know you can rely on us again and again for high-quality and reliably crafted orthopedic and spinal instruments.

Our holistic and consultative approach, backed by decades of experience in the medical device industry, ensures that we understand the potential pitfalls and problems that might arise, and we can help guide you to effective solutions. No challenge is too big, nor too small.  We are here to assist you in determining the correct manufacturing process, material, and assembly methods required to bring your product to life. Contact an ARCH-MedTorque sales representative to get started today. 

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